The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) is Singapore’s leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services. These include its core services of mediation, adjudication, neutral evaluation, and resolving disputes involving families, infrastructure projects and Internet domain names.

SMC has mediated more than 6,300 matters worth over $14 billion since its launch on 16 August 1997. About 67% of our cases are settled with more than 90% of them resolved within one day, attesting to the effectiveness of mediation.

SMC is one of four designated mediation service providers under Singapore’s Mediation Act 2017. This means that mediation settlements administered by SMC can be converted into a court order that is immediately enforceable. 

Construction disputes account for about 40% of the cases SMC resolves. Other types of cases include banking, contractual, corporate, employment, information technology, insurance, partnership, shipping and tenancy disagreements. SMC also intercedes in contested divorces and its related matters, family feuds, and negligence and personal injury claims.

As Singapore’s flagship mediation centre, SMC sets the standard for excellence in dispute resolution services in Singapore. It has partnered with industry leaders to launch mediation schemes to address disputes in various sectors such as healthcare, private education and real estate. SMC, launched by then Chief Justice Yong Pung How, is supported by the Singapore Judiciary, the Singapore Academy of Law, the Ministry of Law and professional and trade associations.

SMC also pioneered mediation training in Singapore and is an acknowledged regional leader in this field, specialising in mediation training for judges, lawyers and other mediation stakeholders. Beyond Singapore, SMC’s experienced training faculty has conducted training in ASEAN countries, other parts of Asia, the Middle East, the South Pacific region and Europe.

Internationally, SMC has played a key role in the formation of the Asian Mediation Association. It is also a founding member of the Netherlands-based International Mediation Institute, which sets out competency standards for mediators worldwide. SMC also provides consultancy services in areas such as conflict resolution systems design and helping to construct mediation infrastructure.