Neutral Evaluation

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Neutral evaluation is an adjudicatory process by which parties to a dispute may obtain a reasoned opinion on facts, evidence and legal merits of specific issues within their case from an independent third party known as a Neutral. 

A neutral third party such as an ex-Judge or senior lawyer would hear your case either through written briefs and/or oral presentations, consider the strengths and weaknesses of your case and give you their opinion.

This allows both you and the other party to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, so as to have a clearer sense of your positions in the dispute. Alternatively, neutral evaluation can also be utilised to resolve entire disputes if parties so wish.

With the growing concern over legal costs, including arbitration costs, neutral evaluation is an attractive alternative by which parties can obtain a cost-effective and speedy determination. The whole process is private and confidential. Parties can also choose whether to have a binding opinion or not and opt for a documents-only evaluation or an evaluation with hearing. 

SMC has also collaborated with the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC) to offer a modified Neutral Evaluation Scheme for cases which have been heard by FidReC.  

Our Neutrals

Our distinguished Panel of Neutrals comprises former Supreme Court Judges, Judicial Commissioners and Senior Counsel with extensive experience and knowledge in deciding legal issues. SMC will appoint the right Neutral for your case.

How to Apply

To request for Neutral Evaluation, download the form at Annex A of the Rules and send it to SMC with payment of the administrative fee.