05 Adjudication

Adjudication under the Security of Payment Act

The adjudication regime that SMC administers is governed by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (Cap 30B)(Rev Ed 2006) (the "Act"), the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Regulations 2005, the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Regulations 2012 and the SMC Adjudication Procedure Rules.

Lodging an Adjudication Application

Parties should consider seeking legal advice before lodging an adjudication application.

A checklist has been compiled by the Building and Construction Authority (the "BCA") to assist applicants with their application. You can view this checklist on the BCA website here.

An applicant must complete the prescribed Adjudication Application Form (AA-1) and ensure that it is compliant with the Act.

An applicant must submit two (2) signed copies of the Adjudication Application Form, two (2) sets of the accompanying documents and payment made by cheque or cashier’s order (made payable to ‘Singapore Mediation Centre’) by hand to the Singapore Mediation Centre between 9am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

SMC does not accept lodgement by fax, post or electronic mail.

More information is also available on the BCA website here


Notice – Revision of SMC Adjudication Rules (and related Annexes) and New Disciplinary Rules for Adjudicators (effective from 1 April 2017)

This Notice is issued pursuant to paragraph 10 of the SMC Adjudication Procedure Rules (5th Edition, December 2016) and section 28(4) of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (Cap 30B) (Rev Ed 2006).

With effect from 1 April 2017,

(1)   A revised Code of Conduct for Adjudicators and new Disciplinary Rules for Adjudicators will be applicable for all adjudication proceedings. Please also refer to the revised Adjudication Rules for related amendments to paragraph 4 (Appointment of Adjudicator)    

(2)   Adjudication Application, Adjudication Response and Adjudication Review Application forms will be revised to :-

(a)        Include fields for contact particulars of legal representatives (if parties are legally represented)

(b)        Notice to parties of SMC’s rental policies for adjudication conferences taking place at SMC. If parties wish to avail of conference facilities in the Supreme Court, parties are to pay for the rental costs up front in equal shares to SMC (at least 3 days in advance) to enable us to confirm the venue.

For the revised versions of the Adjudication Rules and related Annexes, please follow the links below: