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In today's dynamic business environment, organisations, their people and business associates inevitably butt heads. Be prepared to deal with negotiations and difficult issues. As the nation’s flagship mediation body, Singapore Mediation Centre can empower you with the capacity to control the outcomes in disputes. 


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Since 1997, SMC has set the standard for excellence in mediation services both in Singapore and in the region. As the nation’s flagship mediation centre, SMC’s track record shows that we deliver successful results. SMC also trains individuals to become the best professional mediators in their field.


Mediation Advocacy: Power List 2018

Law firms that have most advanced the use of mediation as a dispute resolution tool are listed here.

Law Firms with Adjudication Expertise (Sponsored)

Law firms that handle adjudication cases under the Security of Payment regime are listed here.


MinLaw reviewing proposed changes to promote mediation

Proposals seek to encourage alternative ways to resolve disputes in lieu of legal proceedings.

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Mediation as a preferred option to settle commercial disputes

MP Sitoh Yih Pin addressed Parliament on Day 2 of the Committee of Supply 2019 debate on the benefits of mediation as a cost-effective and efficient mechanism for businesses to resolve disputes.

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New protocol to help parties resolve mega infrastructure disputes

The Singapore Infrastructure Dispute-Management Protocol was launched on 23 October 2018. SMC is named as one of the Authorised Appointing Bodies (AAB) under the SIDP to lend strong institutional support to this initiative.

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Court Practice Directions (Mediation)

The Supreme Court Practice Directions (Amendment No 1 of 2016) came into effect on 2 January 2016.

Advocates and solicitors: note the changes to paragraph 35B on “Overview of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) for civil cases” — that it is the professional duty of advocates and solicitors to advise their clients about the different ways their disputes may be resolved using an appropriate form of ADR. The guidelines on advising clients are attached in Appendix I of the Practice Directions.

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