[Webinar] Stepping Up to Problem-Solve During Mediation


A challenge commonly faced by mediators when attempting to facilitate the generation of options by disputants to resolve a dispute is that the disputants may have no options to propose, are unwilling or unable to think of any, and/or are not prepared to collaborate with each other to find ways to mutually resolve the dispute.

Indeed, some disputants might even ask the mediator for a solution. In such cases, facilitating negotiations between the parties tends to become an uphill and rather fruitless task, leaving the mediator in a dilemma as to how (s)he should continue with the mediation, and whether it would be appropriate at all to switch from a facilitative to a more directive approach.

In this nuts-and-bolts webinar, David Lim draws on his experience in successfully resolving many cases of such circumstances and shares his views on how a mediator may, within appropriate boundaries, step up to break the impasse and help the parties move towards a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute.

We are pleased to have Mr David Lim, Associate Mediator and Principal Trainer with Singapore Mediation Centre and a Former District Judge, State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution as the speaker for this webinar.

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