Mediation: Why Is It So Effective For Resolving Disputes?


The unprecedented consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak have brought about an avalanche of disputes resulting from supply chain disruptions to lockdown financial woes.

As struggling businesses look to recoup losses suffered, the need for dispute resolution becomes more pressing. Mediation can serve to be more advantageous than other dispute resolution mechanisms and in this global economic crisis, exploring this tool for conflict resolution may bring about cost and time savings.

In this webinar, we will be presenting a mock mediation where attendees will be introduced to the structured problem-solving process that takes place during a mediation session and the stages of conflict resolution. This exercise is designed to facilitate a mediation outcome through the uncovering of parties’ interests too.

Join us as we speak to Ms Lim Lei Theng, a Principal Mediator at Singapore Mediation Centre, as she also shares case studies and her experiences on how mediation can be effective for resolving disputes.

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