Mediation In An Online World (4-Part Interactive Online Workshop)


3 consecutive Wednesdays on 10 June, 17 June and 24 June at 4pm and access to the video recording of Part 1 – Introduction to Online Mediation.


COVID-19 has forever changed the world we live in. Commerce and communication are now conducted online more than ever. Dispute resolution, in particular mediation, will likewise have to evolve, and SMC is increasingly moving to facilitate online mediations. In the face of this new reality, mediators will have to develop new skills and change some perspectives in order to thrive.

In response to this, SMC is launching a new 4-part interactive online workshop, entitled “Mediation in an Online World”. This course looks at the issues of efficiency, practicality, and enforcement that counsel and mediators should consider when using various technology-enhanced platforms for mediation. It provides the training needed to refine and adapt existing mediation skills to be compatible with the increasing incorporeal digital forums around us. During the course, participants will have the opportunity to interact closely with trainers, as well as access to online dispute resolution coaches reviewing their performance during the roleplays and training exercises.

3 June 2020 – Part 1 – Introduction to Online Mediation (Recorded)

This module will cover the relationship between Online Dispute Resolution and online mediation. You will learn to identify the advantages and disadvantages of online mediation and to know when it is appropriate for resolving disputes. You will also gain an understanding of the different online mediation platforms and the services they provide. Participants who registered after 3 June 2020 will be given a time limited access to the video recording of Part 1 session.

10 June 2020 – Part 2 – Online Mediator’s Skills and Knowledge

You will learn to recognise the ethical standards and core skills required for online mediation. There will be a review of general mediation skills taught in Singapore Mediation Centre’s courses and also the adaption of offline mediation techniques to the online environment.

17 June 2020 – Part 3 – Conducting Online Mediation

This module will guide you to prepare for online mediation and to manage its process. You will learn to develop time management in asynchronous online conversations and to manage mediation with largely synchronous conversations. Post-online mediation will also be covered. This is an interactive module with demonstrations.

24 June 2020 – Part 4 – Communication Skills for Online Mediators

You will learn to develop rapport and discourse in the online environment and to build awareness of party psychology and common online behavior. The module will also cover strategies on the appropriate procedures and techniques for communication in an online environment and the pitfalls when communicating online.

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CPD Details

Public CPD Point(s): 6 Points

Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Training Category: General

“Participants who wish to obtain CPD Points are reminded that they must comply strictly with the Attendance Policy set out in the CPD Guidelines. For this activity, this includes logging in at the start of the webinar and logging out at the conclusion of the webinar on each day of the activity, and not being away from any part of the webinar for more than 15 minutes on each day of the activity. Participants may obtain 2 Public CPD Points for each day of the event on which they comply strictly with the Attendance Policy. Participants who do not comply with the Attendance Policy will not be able to obtain CPD Points for attending the activity. Please refer to for more information.”

Singapore advocates and solicitors and s36B Foreign Lawyers may obtain Private CPD Points for reviewing the recording of Part 1, provided that they have determined that the activity meets the requirements under the Legal Profession (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2012.

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