Judicial Mediation Training Programme

Mediation can help reduce congested court dockets, allowing judges more time to decide important cases. Mediation is also more suitable for relationship disputes and cases where the cost of litigation is excessive in relation to the quantum of the dispute.

SMC’s Judicial Mediation Training Programme allows Judges to become familiar with mediation and its processes. This will enhance their ability to identify cases before them which are suitable for mediation, and to mediate in appropriate cases.

SMC has run this programme for Judges and other judicial officers both in Singapore and around the world.

Learning Outcomes

The Judicial Training aims to:

  • Introduce Judges to mediation concepts
  • Provide Judges with hands-on mediation experience 
  • Strengthen conflict management skills of Judges

This will enable Judges to make use of mediation to quickly resolve suitable cases.

Track Record

SMC has conducted mediation training for Judges from Brunei, Thailand and the Philippines, as well as Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Fiji.


For more information, please contact:

Training Department
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