The International Mediation Institute (IMI), based in the Netherlands, is the only international standards-setting body for mediation. It aims to promote transparency and high competency standards in mediation practice worldwide. IMI certifies mediators to assure quality and professionalism in the field. Its certification is acknowledged and recognised by courts and various private dispute resolution bodies around the world, and allows certified mediators to offer their service for international clients.

SMC’s Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1 & 2) and Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA) qualifies mediators for IMI Certification. Our programme meets the IMI criteria and has been approved by the Independent Standards Commission of IMI. For more information on IMI, please click here.


Take our Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA) and have your skills as a mediator formally recognised. Those who pass the MSA will be formally recognised as an SMC Accredited Mediator.

The MSA consists of the following components: