Mediation provides a cost-effectiveness and efficient alternative for businesses in challenging situations. SMC aims to reach out to our end-users, the business community, to increase awareness of the alternative dispute resolution systems in Singapore, especially mediation and advocate its benefits as a strategic tool for growth.

22 Sep 2015: Mediation for the Real Estate Industry



22 September 2015, 10.00am - 11.00am


Supreme Court Mediation Chambers 3 and 4


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Rebecca Foo
Tel: 6332 5137
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Disputes are inevitable in the Real Estate industry. Agencies often have to deal with contractual and tenancy disputes between the buyers and sellers, or even against them.

When disputes are brought to the Court, parties face hefty legal costs, potential reputational damage, as well as the loss of opportunity costs; time and resources which could have been better used to negotiate your next deal.

Hence, mediation is increasingly gaining traction as a popular and preferred alternative dispute resolution mechanism. Learn how mediation can help you reap substantial savings in costs and time, allow your business control over the outcome and preserve valuable business relationships, all within a private and confidential setting.

Outline of Talk

• What is mediation?

• What are the benefits of Mediation?

• Differences between mediation and other dispute resolution processes such as Litigation and Arbitration

• Harnessing Mediation for your business

• What is the Singapore Mediation Charter?

• Inclusion of mediation clauses into your contracts

• Q & A

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