Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Services


Battles over who is entitled to use a particular business name may arise when more than one party wants to use the same name. Typically, this dispute involves the person who registered the domain name and the party applying to take over that name.

The Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (SDRP) gives a framework for ironing out ‘.sg’ wrangles. It has been adopted by the Singapore Network Information Centre Private Limited (SGNIC) as the registration authority for ‘.sg’ domain names. The SDRP is a quicker and cheaper way of resolving ‘.sg’ clashes compared with going to court.

The SDRP framework is managed by SMC.

When to Use

The SDRP caters mainly to instances of registration or the use of domain names in bad faith.

One example is the cybersquatting scenario. In this instance, a registrant files a domain name so that he can profit by selling it to the proprietor of the corresponding trademark, or the owner of the goodwill in the mark (if it is unregistered), or to some other interested person.

Tap the SDRP Service if:

  • You wish to end a ‘.sg’ domain name conflict through mediation or an administrative proceeding in line with the SDRP
  • You wish to challenge the registration of a ‘.sg’ domain name on the grounds given under paragraph 4(a) of the SDRP
  • A ‘.sg’ domain name registered to another party is identical or confusingly similar to a name, trademark or service mark in which you have rights that are recognised under Singapore law. Further, you believe in good faith that you are entitled — on the grounds stated in paragraph 4(a) of the SDRP —  to have the domain name cancelled or transferred to you. This is to protect your rights in the name, trademark or service mark.
  • You prefer a quick, convenient and cheap way of ending a ‘.sg’ domain name battle.

Principal Documents

The details of how the SDRP works are spelt out in the:

  • Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Rules for the Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Supplemental Rules for the Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy


The fee for administrative proceedings for this service is annexed to the Supplemental Rules for the SDRP Policy.

The fee covers the sums payable to the Secretariat and the Panel for these services:

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How the SDRP Service Works

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Information on Proceedings under the SDRP

In line with paragraph 4(j) of the SDRP, all decisions under it will be published in full on the Internet, except when an Administrative Panel decides in an exceptional case to edit portions of its decision.